Organized Bookkeeping


Mission Statement

Working at large corporations and thought that all accounting was up to the same standard.   However, when I opened up my small CPA firm, I discovered that that wasn’t true.  I encountered shoebox accounting, panic driven accounting, hastily done accounting.  I loved the Accounting process and other people see that it was more than a chore?  Something to be avoided or dreaded?

I noticed that many people were gleeming inaccurate information from the internet.  And much like seeking out online medical advice, it was misinterperted.  A headache does not necessarily mean that you have tumor.  But neither should you ignore more serious symptoms that require surgury.

I quickly learned that most people understood manual accounting systems.  But very few truly understood cloud based accounting software.  Many were the mistakes in QuickBooks Online.  You could build an entire business fixing mistakes that business owners did with QuickBooks Online.

I have decided to bring some common sense back to small business accounting and produce easy to understand information and products.

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