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If you find something missing or incorrect with the product as described, please contact Paper Butterfly Forge LLC.

If you would also like a specific product that we do not stock, please feel free to request.  Modified spreadsheets are always an option.  We will consider adding those products to the lineup after due consideration.  Most spreadsheets assume that the user has a basic understanding of Excel.  We’ve done the heavy lifting on the spreadsheet.

Refunds will be processed through paypal.  Please email if you have any questions prior to purchasing a spreadsheet or downloadable pdf.  We can always adjust the spreadsheets to your specific needs.  (ie. you would like green stripes instead of blue stripes.

We are working on getting a Q & A process going for the help desk.  Right now, it is all via email.  Please be patient if it’s non-working hours.

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Remember, we like shiny spreadsheets too!

The publisher is providing forms and instructions on how to prepare accounting and bookkeeping information.  The publisher is not providing legal, tax or consulting advice.  Contact your own professional experts and discuss your tax and legal situations.




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