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Are you still on track?

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Are you still on track for your goals this year?  In a few days is the end of the second quarter of 2013.  It would be a great time to reflect on what you have already accomplished this year!  Have you increased sales over last year?  Decreased?  What about that new computer or laptop?  Are there any more tweaks to fix in your marketing campaign?

Too often we focus on the financials just at the end of the year for taxes.  But for a large business, those goals are revisited each quarter or month.  It’s a great way to know how your business is doing outside of the ‘bank’ balance sheet method of judging by how much money in the bank.

And if the news is negative, take a second look anyway.  It’s worth knowing what isn’t working as well as what’s working.

2 thoughts on “Are you still on track?

  1. Jennifer @ Outright

    I work with Outright and agree with you that now is the perfect time to look at your books. Quarterly estimated taxes were just due, so hopefully folks were thinking about getting all of their expenses entered into their bookkeeping systems so they knew just how much they had to pay. (If any.) Plus, the holidays are coming up before we know it – eCommerce sellers might see a rush, while other contractors might see a dead, dead, dead time.

    Thanks for posting this!