Organized Bookkeeping

Bookkeeping and What it Means to a CPA

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 I have a constant stream of people into my office.  They want to learn how to keep the books for their new small business.  There is quite a variety in the types of businesses that want help.  The newly minted massage therapist who according to her is horrible at math, the high tech start up when they have to learn this ‘bookkeeping’ thing in an hour or so, and the mom and pop places that need help after transitioning to new ownership.  These are all great people and they often have the same question, “How do I do that?”

This blog and website is devoted to answering that question.  Which paperwork do I keep?  Which do I toss?  What is a financial statement?  How do I present this information for a loan?  What is undeposited funds in QuickBooks?  Is there any alternative to QuickBooks?  Everyone recommends QuickBooks, but I can’t make heads or tails out of it!

I’m happy that you have decided to join me on this journey.  This is what Bookkeeping means to me.  It’s a way of organizing business information into useful data summaries to provide information for financial statements.  The financial statements are used to present information to stakeholders.  Stakeholders are people and companies that use the financial statements to make decisions on.  Examples are:  Business Owners, Banks, Mortgage Companies, Governmental Agencies, and the IRS.