Organized Bookkeeping

Changing your Bookkeeping Work Habits

Can you change your Stripes?

One of the most difficult things to do is to change your habits.  I don’t care how flexible you are.  If you stop having a cup of coffee in the morning or reading the newspaper, it throws your whole world off kilter.  Here are some tips on changing to a more organized way of doing things.

  • Make a checklist of the items that you need to do every day for Bookkeeping.  Even large companies do this.  Bookkeeping is about consistancy and accuracy.
  • For motivation, try buying some playful stickers and putting them on your calender when you have completed the task.  This sounds silly, but even small stuff like this helps.  It provides positive feedback and gives a visual sense of accomplishment.
  • Set aside some time to work on the accounting each week or day.
  • If you need to break it up into sections, try doing one thing each day.  So Tuesdays are for billing customers and Thursdays are for paying bills, etc.
  • Make sure you file everything that is completed.  You might find some uncompleted tasks hiding in your inbox, but that’s the whole point, isn’t it.
  • Don’t over commit your time.  Make sure you have enough time to complete each task in a reasonable and non-rushed manner.  Cramming all night before an exam in college was fantastic, but we are talking about creating sanity in your bookkeeping office, not trying to impress your professors. 🙂