Organized Bookkeeping

Chipmunks and Bookkeeping


What do chipmunks have to do with Bookkeeping?

Well let’s start off that they are flexible on their food source.  Their food sources can be anything from nuts and grains up to bird eggs and insects.  So they are a bit flexible than most people know.  This picture came from Crater Lake in Oregon where this cutie was begging for food.  Of course, he was just over the side of the cliff where it would be dangerous to catch them.  We saw about 20 of them at this overlook.

In the same vein when you do bookkeeping for a business, you need to adjust the system to fit your needs.  Are you a retail store?  Then you will need a cash register and a point of sale system.  A point of sale system is a software program that tracks all the incoming inventory, all the shelf inventory, and the inventory purchased by customers.  It’s amazing that software that could only be implemented by the large chains, is now available for just about any retail shop.  In addition, it also tracks sales, credit card transactions and so and so forth.

What if you don’t have a retail business and just provide professional services?  Perhaps a basic QuickBooks or Xero Accounting set up is all you need!  Insurance reimbursements from Medical Insurance companies?  Consider a system which allows you to track what has be reimbursed or not by the Medical Insurance companies.  Many small medical offices also hire a medical billing company to track all those customer payments.  Consider the environment and your personal *want* to paperwork and make a decision.

A good bookkeeping or accounting system has to be flexible enough to provide useful information, easy to use, and capture all of the transactions for the business.  Consider being  flexible enough like the chipmuck to make changes as necessary to adapt to your business environment.