Organized Bookkeeping

Christmas Gifts for Accountants

Who do get your favorite Accountant, Bookkeeper or CPA?  Here is a suggested gift guide.

One:  A Massage Session — Make sure it doesn’t expire before tax season ends.  We all need a break and a massage in an excellent stress buster.

Two:  A small office heater.  Long hours are better if your feet are toasty warm.  Drafty offices are pretty common.

Three: A Fruit of the Month Box.  We work long hours and sometimes eat a bit more out of the deli case/ vending machines more that we should.  Make our lives a bit more healthy with regular deliveries of fruit or produce.

Four:  Don’t ask them about your taxes at a holiday party.  Believe me on this one.  Make an appointment to meet them later.  CPA’s get a bad rap about talking about taxes during holiday parties.  I can’t count the times I’ve been asked about complex tax situations by slightly tipsy party goers.  Even if we do give accurate advise three wine glasses in; under certain conditions we can still be held legally liable for that unpaid advice.  How would you liked to be sued after trying to be helpful/friendly to a fellow party goer?

Five:  Send a holiday card.  They are lovely and most of us love hanging them up in the office.  Cheery pictures and sentiments go along way to motivate people.