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Communication Styles

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It never ceases to amaze me the vast differences that people have while communicating.  Most people live in a bubble with their friends, family, congregations and co-workers and employ a similar communication pattern with them.

We work with a large range of people and I get hit with all types of communications.  What do I mean by that?  I get emails ranging from ALL CAPS to pleasant ‘enjoy your peaceful day’ to robotic emails.  Learning how to communicate is essential to working with service professionals.  I’ve been in meetings with other clients and I’ve had another client make four or five phone calls, each time not leaving a message.  What am I to make about that?  Do I drop everything?  Do I act if it’s my fault that I’m not available 24 hours a day?  Do I prioritize them over the client who is pleasant and asked me how my day is going?

On the other hand there are also the pleasant people who never bother to follow up and heavens forbid, not pay.  What is my response to that?  Should I drop them?  Send them to collections?  Or should I work for free?

If you had trouble getting a hold of a professional and have been rude, angry for no reason, slow to pay or just plain old annoying, remember that the reason the professional isn’t someone to walk on.  Just because you have a problem, does not mean that a professional is required to solve it for you.

What’s in your picnic basket when you visit a professional?  Are you minding your manners?