Organized Bookkeeping


In bookkeeping it’s helpful to be consistent and reliable.  Show up when required.  Write the accounts payable checks on the same day every week.  Use the same tone of voice when talking to vendors and customers.  Be consistent.

  • Account allocation.  Use a cheatsheet to remind you where the checks need to posted to which expense account.  It will save your CPA hours and hours of work if you post airline travel to travel expense 12 months of the year.
  • Account creation.  If you have a new expense think about if you already have a general ledger that might accommodate that expense.  Save time and tears when you have to combine those general ledger accounts.
  • Reconcile the bank accounts soon after you receive the bank statements.  Reconciliations are how you find bank errors, mistakes and find employees pilfering from the company.  Nip problems in the bud, not when you about to toss out the flowers from the vase.  (ie. tax time.)

By being consistent, your accounting problems will seem to melt away.  Bookkeeping is about being consistent in the inputs and outputs.  Nothing mysterious about that.

But, you say, you are a creative.  I cannot be constrained by the boringness of being consistent.  Why do you think so many bookkeepers have a creative hobby like quilting, painting or gardening?  It’s not easy for anyone to be that bland of a machine. 🙂

Just give a try.