Organized Bookkeeping

Desktop vs. Cloud

I love innovation and technology.  I especially like when it streamline and condenses information in a timely manner.
QuickBooks Online, Wave, Freshbooks, and Godaddy bookkeeping are all examples of SAAS (software as a service) accounting software.  Unlike desktop software or software that is installed on your computer, SAAS software is accessed through the cloud.  Another indicator is that you are paying monthly or annual fees for software services, your data is stored in the cloud.
Now, just about now, you have pulled out your calculator and calculated how much it costs you to subscribe vs. lease the access.  Now I can picture your frown, as you ask, why would anyone knowingly subscribe to the services?
  • Since you don’t have it on your computer, then the MAC vs. PC war ends.  You can have either.
  • Access from any computer.  Admit it.  You have more than one computer/tablet/phone don’t you?  Wouldn’t it be nice to use any of those?  In the oldschool desktop, you have to pay for a separate license for each DEVICE.  Now you pay for each user.  And no troublesome whack a mole for who has the latest version.
  • Fear and trebidation about who owns my data.  This is actually a concern.  Most of online software programs go dark if you don’t pay the bill.  Regular data downloads can help counter this problem.  QBO has adjusted their policy to let the data be available after non-payment.

And now you are insisting that this is new technology.

Um… No, you were on facebook or linkedin this morning?  I got news for you.  Those are also SAAS softwares.  Same principles.