Organized Bookkeeping

Goals and Why they Matter!

One of the first things that I ask when I meet with someone new about their business, is what is their goal?  Usually it’s a smattering of life/work balance/ successful business/adequate funding.  However, that is not very specific.

In the past week I’ve talked to several people.  I’ve asked them all how many hours they wanted to work on their business.  Full time, they said.  What do you consider full time?  20 hours, 40 hours and 45 hours were the answers.

Why such disparity?

Everyone uses the same generic language to describe their goals.  However, the numbers behind those statements can vary widely.

Please the next time that you work with a coach/bookkeeper/CPA/number cruncher be sure to exactly quantify what you mean by:

  • Successful
  • Double Sales
  • Increase 100%
  • Revenue Positive
  • Fully Staffed
  • Decrease the sales funnel

Each of those terms can have widely variable actual numbers.  Save yourself some time and give some specifics.

Remember, if you are working with a consultant, you aren’t giving a speech at the local toastmasters talking about your business.  You are actually creating a business model that you be able to brag about at the toast masters meeting. 🙂