Organized Bookkeeping

He was on the Phone for two hours with Support…

Yesterday I was working on editing my new upcoming book, Organzied Bookkeeping:  QuickBooks Online.  I decided to stop and take a break and get my hair cut.

The gentleman who helped me with my bag, saw that manuscript peeking out of my bag.  I had put the title in a big bold font.

He needed help, he had QuickBooks 2013 and couldn’t figure out the changes from the previous version.  He had been on the phone for two hours with QuickBooks support.  I would be happy to take a look at it!

After my haircut by his employee, we went to his business office.  We opened it up, we got to his question.  I clicked on the icon, and voila!  It worked.  🙂

I think this goes to prove that sometimes finding the right wrench or tool to fix something can be as simple as finding the right question.

Consider instead of calling support, ask a local QuickBooks ProAdvisor.  They receive training, work on real world books, and are a pretty nice bunch of people.