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How to Add a Background Image In Excel

Are you bored with your spreadsheets? Why not add a Background Image?

What is that?  It’s inserting a picture into the spreadsheet background.

Start with a basic Spreadsheet

Basic Spreadsheet



Go to Page Layout/Background

Page Layout Background


Pick a Picture

Picture Library


And here is the result, a background picture in Excel.

Crater Lake Spreadsheet


Once you scroll down or to the side, you will realize that it’s a repeating picture.  It also doesn’t shrink or enlarge very well.


Why do people hate the Background images so much?

One:  They can be difficult to read. Can you read all those numbers?  Neither can anyone else.

Numbers Example


Two:  Printer Ink?  Rather Expensive.  Don’t make people mortgage their house so that they can buy printer ink.

Three: The image needs to be adjusted BEFORE it’s added as a background images. Microsoft has never really provided many tools to adjust the background image.  Give it a shot.  The cells change size, but the picture does not. This command is still at the 1995 Excel level.


Main reason why people like to insert an Image into the background:

Excel Tree



Just don’t though, okay?  Post your vacation pictures to Facebook, not Excel.