Organized Bookkeeping

It’s not you, it’s QuickBooks Online

Intuit is doing a full bench press to move companies off the old QuickBooks Online.  I’ve been scouting out the Intuit Community to look for common issues to discuss.

Chart of Accounts Printing out of order.

Solution: This is a known programming issue.  Please be patient grasshopper.

IPN or Intuit Payment Network has disappeared.

Solution:  It’s now referred to at the Intuit Payments.  If your customers don’t receive the payment link on emailed invoices, check your account to make sure your account information has been updated.

Historical Payroll information disappearing.

Solution:  I’m really disappointed this has happened.  Make sure you download all the payroll reports before you update the program.  Most of the complaints about the new QBO center around the payroll portion.  Employees disappear, historical information disappears, and it’s more difficult to process.  If you have issues, make sure you contact your payroll help desk.

Reminders have disappeared:

Solution: The activities menu is supposed to replace it.  But the activities menu also is updated with every transaction that is posted.  It looks pretty, but is functionally useless.

How do I delete a transaction?

Solution:  Scroll down to the bottom of the form.  Do you see the More button?  Click it and there will be option to Delete the transaction

I want to download more than 3 months of bank transactions?

Solution:  Most banks only provide 3 months of bank transactions.  Call your bank, you might be able to sweet talk them into providing more.