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Organized Bookkeeping: QuickBooks Online

Organized Bookkeeping QuickBooks Online

I’m really excited about all the good information in my new book, Organized Bookkeeping for QuickBooks Online.  I’ve been through every tab and function and provided easy to understand instructions for the software program.

It’s such a great fit for so many small businesses.  QBO is perfect for any type of computer, people on the go, and for most small businesses.  The inventory module isn’t as robust as the PC version, so be a bit wary if you deal in manufacturing or large amounts of inventory.  However, it’s greatly improved and has been updated in a thoughtful manner.

It’s on sale as a Kindle Ebook on Amazon for the moment.  Remember, that Amazon provides apps for PCs Apple products, and smartphones.  You don’t have to have a kindle to read the book!