Organized Bookkeeping

Outright is a great option for 1099 Contractors

Outright is an online accounting system that is perfect for people who do not have employees or extensive Balance Sheet items.

The sheer number of businesses that fall into this category is rather staggering 22.5 Million in 2011 according to the Census Bureau.

Wow, just think, you really aren’t alone.

Anyway, Outright connects to your bank account and downloads information.  You can then code the information to the correct category.  In addition, if you are ebay seller, it has a great connection to ebay to link your sales to the accounting system.  An invoice generator like Fresh Books is also recommended.

It doesn’t maintain a balance sheet, so it comes up a bit short in some areas.  But if you are the average 1099 person your main business asset is your computer and your home office, you don’t have extensive accounts payable or loans, and you are the only owner.

Give it a spin!  It might be a winner for you!

(Outright is now Go Daddy Bookkeeping)