Organized Bookkeeping

2015 20 Employee Hours Spreadsheet

$ 9.99

2015 20 Employee Hours Spreadsheet

  • Weekly Time Periods
  • 2015 Pre-dated spreadsheet
  • Summary Reports
  • Calculates Overtime above 40 hours a week
  • Tracks other time off as well
  • Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet
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Use this bookkeeping template to make a rough draft for your payroll, track hours, and for reporting.

It helps to keep an eagle eye on the payroll process.  One mistake and you will hear about it for months from employees and manager.  Use this spreadsheet tool to do a rough draft, record vacation time, and other time off.  Keep the proof reading errors out of people’s paychecks.

* For 20 Employees

* Predated with 2015 work weeks

* Work weeks start on Sunday.

* Created with Microsoft Excel


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