Organized Bookkeeping
E-PNL-004 Basic PNL Cost of Services or Products PortionE-PNL-004 Basic PNL Non-Deductible Expenditures PortionE-PNL-004 Basic PNL Operating Expenses PortionE-PNL-004 Basic PNL Sales and Sales TaxE-PNL-004 Basic PNL Check Register Portion

Basic Profit and Loss Spreadsheet

$ 4.99

*  Easy to Learn

*  Easy to Use

*  Easy to Adjust

*  What you see is What you Get

*  Designed for people who hate Bookkeeping

Product Description

This is a very basic profit and loss detail sheet.

It’s perfect for those who don’t want to fuss around with accounting software.  I’ve trained a lot of people by a lot, I mean thousands, and there are always those who prefer the basics.

Just let them record everything in a list and it’s dandy for them.

This is perfect for shoebox warriors trying to only keep the books straight once per year.

There is only one sheet with five sections on it.  Fill out the check register section, complete the rest later or have your bookkeeper finish it out.

Created with Microsoft Excel



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