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Blue Jeans Invoice Template

$ 4.99

Microsoft Excel Invoice Template

Less confusing than most accounting software.  This downloadable spreadsheet is great at simplifying the process.  Customers either directly enter information into the spreadsheet or use the linked lists to add customer names and products.



Blue Jeans Invoice Template

* Created in Microsoft Excel

* 100 Templates Included

* Pull Down Product List

* Pull Down Customer List

* Calculates Sales Tax

Excel Based Sales invoices are great for those who don’t want to buy an entire accounting program, just so they can send out a few invoices.  Many independent contractors and part-time business owners just need to do twelve or few invoices per year.  Is it worth it to shell out $250.00 for a program that might take you two or three hours to set up?

We also see these used a lot for Rentals, Sublets or other types of monthly charges.  Make one invoice, then copy, and then change the date.  It can be that easy.

There are product and customer lists, so you can pre-load up information if you like.  There are a 100 invoice templates included.  If you need more, it’s pretty simple to copy and paste new invoice templates.





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