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Mileage Log Spreadsheet

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Mileage Log Spreadsheet.

Be ready for Tax Time!

The IRS rules are very complex and require a lot of record keeping.  Use this spreadsheet to keep your mileage information straight.  Remember that you have to document every business trip.  Keep your nose clean with this mileage log book.


This mileage spreadsheet is an essential tool to record your business, charity or medical mileage.  If you get audited; there is a pretty good chance that one of the action items is the business mileage.  Enough people do not keep accurate records; that this is an easy thing to audit and disallow for federal or state taxes.

In order to be IRS compliant you need to:

  • Record the date
  • Business purpose
  • Mileage Traveled
  • Destination
  • Expenses

There 3 separate spreadsheets in this workbook.  Each spreadsheet has over 900 detail lines.

Created with Microsoft Excel and can be easily uploaded to Google Sheets.

Please check with your CPA or tax adviser for any tax matters or the specifics of  your tax situation.  This publisher is not providing legal or professional advice.


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