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QuickBooks Online Drama unfolds

The version of QuickBooks Online is being rolled out to all current subscribers.  There have been some significant issues that people have noted.

  • The support staff for QuickBooks Subscribers and Certified QuickBooks subscribers has been a bit spotty.  I’ve seen a few complaints about waiting 3 or more hours on the phone.
  • Clumsy data entry processes.  If you are entering the new invoice or other transaction, you will need to push two buttons to get a new screen.  Pretty clunky compared to the old version where the ‘Save and New’ Button was right there.
  • Automatic downloads of bank transactions work fine for expenses, however, customer deposits are a whole different story.  For example, if you did not create a sales invoice with sales tax, the bank download which credits entirely to income or undeposited funds.  Which causes significant issues.  I highly suggest creating an actual invoice, creating an actual deposit and then match the deposits to the downloaded transactions when they come through the system.
  • Bookkeepers are having significant problems with the online systems.  The online system has been down for key periods.  Some payroll information from the QuickBooks Enhanced payroll system is transfering as regular checks, not employee checks.  There are also other issues that make professionals grumpy.
  • The upgrades from DeskTop to Online are not as smooth as one would like.  (This is the issue that seems to trigger a lot of support calls.)
  • QuickBooks Online is still not working on all the Internet Browsers.  This might seem to be minor issue, however, Apple has prevented older computers from downloading the lastest internet browsers.  They insist that the operating system be upgraded to work with FireFox and others.  Upgrading an operating system is not to be taken lightly when entire software suite may also need to be upgraded.
  • The ancient problem of Intuit’s systems being unavailable still seems to be present.  There was another outbreak last month as more and more people were converted.

I’ve noted that Intuit seems to be working on these issues and is addressing them.  So many will be resolved in the future. (six months or more).  I feel confident that it’s a quality product that needs a bit more tweaking to get it working perfectly.

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