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QuickBooks Online Income List

QuickBooks Online Income List

The QuickBooks Online Income List is one best ideas that Intuit has had in a while!

The Income List in QuickBooks Online is accessed through Customer Tab.  This is one of the best ideas that I’ve seen in a while.  It provides a dashboard for customer payments and invoices.  Too often, I’ve had customers forget about Customer Invoices issues in QuickBooks Online.  This brings all the issues to the front of the line!

If you want to see one category, push the color coded button.  For Example, Unbilled  Time & Costs.

Unbilled Costs in QuickBooks Online

Customer Invoices Items that need to be created!

Notice that the column header is now larger and that all the unbilled Times & Costs have a nice and tidy list!

Notice that there is also a button to create an Invoice directly from the List?