Organized Bookkeeping

That Secret Sauce

Most people are on the quest to have the perfect balance between working on the books and having perfect reporting.  You can spend too much time on the data entry and then never look at the reports to see the detail.  Or you can skip the data entry or detailed information  and then complain bitterly about the lack of information in the reports.

And ideal solution is to map out what you want from your accounting information.  Perhaps you wish to set up a marketing letter or an email campaign in the next few months to current customers.  Do you have their mailing addresses or email addresses?  If the answer is no, then perhaps, figure out why you don’t have them.

These are the types of issues that either make the accounting system flail like a windsock during a hurricane or sing like Bing Crosby.

First define what information you would like.  Then design a system around that need.

Adjust as needed!