Organized Bookkeeping

Timing is Everything!

If you are going to hire a bookkeeper, when is the best time to start that task?

Let’s start with the worst time to hire a bookkeeper:  A day before the taxes are due!

It’s very unlikely that most proficient bookkeepers will have to take you on right before the tax deadline date!  Believe or not, many people shop for Accountants or CPA’s in early April or March.

Now the best time to hire a bookkeeper:

  • When you are starting your business, take the time to interview three or four different bookkeepers.
  • If you are behind in your bookkeeping, September can be a great month to shop for a new bookkeeper.  It’s before any harsh deadlines approach and they can fit you into their schedule.
  • When you start hiring people.  Payroll and Payroll taxes can be challenging to some people.  One late tax payment penalty might be as much as it takes to hire a bookkeeper for a year.
  • If you are feeling overwhelmed.  Bank Feeds are great innovations, but not everyone can keep up with the data download onslaught.
  • You have deposits in your bank account that you have no idea where that money came from.  If you aren’t reconciling your bank accounts and/or creating sales invoices, this might happen to you.
  • I thought if I used my debit card for all my transactions, the bank feed would automatically post everything.  Well, kinda.  You still have to code each transaction or set up ‘rules’ to make that Starbucks coffee post to ‘Meals and Entertainment.’
  • And most importantly, when you have thrown all the paper into a shoebox and the very sight of it makes you have a panic attack, that’s a good time to hire a bookkeeper.